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5 Ways to Make Your Cannabis Retail Pop-Up Shop A Success

Over the last two decades, pop-up shops have emerged as one of the most effective ways for traditional retailers to reach customers and boost sales. Whether up for a weekend or a few months, the pop-up shop’s temporary nature gives retailers the opportunity to quickly sell product and generate buzz while also increasing brand awareness in new markets.


3 Reasons Why Your Cannabis Retail Needs an Omnichannel Strategy

Today’s customer expects more, and cannabis is no exception: to bridge the distance between online and brick-and-mortar through a seamless shopping experience. For cannabis retailers, being able to adapt quickly to this new normal is key, and in today’s post, we describe how omnichannel retailing can help your dispensary exceed consumer expectations.


How To Market Your Cannabis Business In A Legal Market

Effective January 2018, California residents 21 and older will be able to purchase and consume cannabis without needing a medical card. While the Golden State isn’t the first in the country to legalize cannabis for recreational use, annual revenue forecasts for this expanded market are between $4-7 billion, making California’s cannabis industry potentially the largest in the nation.